Berries & Fruit Wreath Making Kit


Available between: 23rd Nov – 20th Dec. Everything you need to make your own wreath at home with our Berries & Fruit wreath making kit. If you would like scent at your front door this is the wreath for you. Full of fragrance with blue spruce, sugar pine, grevillea, eucalyptus, faux berries, pine cones, whole oranges, whole limes, orange and lime slices. (The wreath pictured is made by Sarah Styles Florist and valued at £90 and is for guidance only)

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Berries & Fruit Wreath Making Kit

What’s included in your £65 wreath making kit box: Pictorial Instructions on how to make your wreath, Fresh Moss, One 10” Copper Wire Ring, Mossing Pins, Wreath Wrap, One Reel of Wire, Three Sheets of Spruce, One Branch/Bundle of Sugar Pine, Five Stems Eucalyptus Robusta, Half a bunch of Eucalyptus Cinnie, Half a bunch of Eucalyptus Populus, Half a bunch of Natural Grevillea, Five Stems Berries, Five Pine cones, Five Cinnamon Sticks, Five Whole Oranges, Five Orange Slices and Five Lime Slices. The only additional equipment you will need is your own scissors or secateurs. (The cinnamon sticks provided are tied with raffia instead of velvet ribbons)